Tips on Music for Venues and Cafes

Live music in a cafe or restaurant makes a huge effect on the success the business; reality. This does not indicate to state that ANY live music being carried out at your cafe will result in a successful company; however music that is suitable for your facility and your clients.


Why think about having live music at your cafe? When a customer strolls into your cafe and an artist is carrying out, there is an added buzz to the location; it makes the customer feel special; it makes the place feel unique.


Clients dining in your cafe make several decisions when choosing your place. The quality and kind of food is one; the quality of the service; the location itself and the atmosphere of the location are other considerations. Having live music adds to the environment of the cafe and supplied it doesn't disturb the guests, it might be one of the main factors to consider when selecting where to consume.


At one of the cafe s we offer live music for, the manager chose to cancel the live music, for cost saving procedures. The manager found out extremely quickly that the expectation of clients was the music as part of the whole dining experience.


How could live music be made use of within a cafe? First of all you have to think about the design and theme of your cafe and the type of consumers you draw in, and after that match the music accordingly. We understand of cafes where they have actually asked their regulars' advice on the type of music they like. You can browse more information about jazz bands for hire from .


The typical age of consumers could be an idea; and the time of day and day of the week you have the live music. A Sunday lunch might draw in households: where case a musician who plays a range of music consisting of 'Disney' tunes would work, or young people with no children - where an edgy band or jazz would be perfect; afternoons - for afternoon tea might bring in older clients who are trying to find a timeless atmosphere and experience, where case a classical pianist or harpist would be ideal. A Saturday night could be a charming evening out for couples: possibly a guitar player or singer subtly serenading would be great.


One of our customers created a Venetian Festival each year, where over 3 weekends, held a series of themed evenings, including a 'masked ball'; opera night; jazz Sunday brunch and cups' menu. The cafe offered set menus with musical entertainment included, that included a guitar player, jazz trio, pianist, opera vocalists and a pianist. The cafe was reserved up months ahead of time with business making a fantastic profit. The customers expected an excellent night of great food and entertainment and it was an effective way of showcasing the place for other nights. Expenses were kept down by serving a really standard themed set menu, but they had the ability to charge more because of the extras. The cafe estimated they produced repeat business throughout the year through local press protection of the Festival and customers participating in the festival and enjoying it. You might have an event or create your own themed celebration. One way of developing your own event - is to invent one, then list it on 'Count me in' where you can access an entire year's occasions as well as post up your very own.


The Harbour Cafe in Margate has actually established itself as an essential Jazz place outside London. The cafe changes itself into a bar for the evening efficiencies. The cafe are also opening up for other Jazz evenings and enhancing their profits.


The Oakes Grill, at Hanbury Manor: the Five Star Country Club and Hotel in Hertfordshire has live music that we supply on Sunday lunch times. The music performed is a jazz design with a rota of trios adding range for routine customers. The manager, Giuseppe Rollo told me "Our consumers actually take pleasure in the music.

If you are thinking about live music for either a one off occasion or regular event, exactly what should you do? Here are my pointers:


Consider the kind of music - and ambience you want to develop. The Harbour cafe has actually created an edgy Jazz place: however people do not take a seat and eat a peaceful meal there for evident reasons!

At what time of day are you going to have the music? A rock band does not work so well throughout the day!

For what kind of meal are you providing the background music? As I mentioned before, a family type breakfast will need various music from a "Romantic Dinner for Two" atmosphere.

What is the design of your cafe? A Tapas bar would be perfect with a flamenco guitar player playing - but that would disagree for a French Bistro, where a pianist would be much better.

Exactly what is the size of your cafe as well as the acoustic? If it is little, a Jazz trio will probably be too loud and use up too much room. A keyboard player or guitar player may be preferable.

Are you going to provide a routine evening or lunchtime when live music belongs to the deal? Are you going to provide set menus or a minimal choice in food, or is it going to be the same menu?

Some truths to consider before you make any choices on music;


One of the main criticisms of music being played in cafes -whether live or taped, is the volume. Unless you are utilizing the cafe for a jazz or rock location (as the Harbour Cafe do for their jazz nights), customers are expecting to be able to carry out a conversation with each other. If the music is too loud, the entire experience is ruined for some restaurants.

Carefully think about where you locate the musicians in the cafe. We have spent a lot of time working with Giuseppe Rollo at the Oakes Grill to discover the most suitable location for the musicians to carry out. There were a number of 'best' places, but customers found the sound was too loud for them - yet when the volume was changed, people at the other end of the cafe could not hear the music. We found that an area away from most of the larger tables was ideal; guests might see and hear the musicians - and there were a few tables near to them, if visitors truly wished to pay attention to them.

Whether you play tape-recorded or live music at the cafe, you will need to arrange a PRS certification and display it (!) The PRS fine businesses that do not have this certificate really greatly, so you have been alerted!

Musicians charge various costs for one off efficiencies or 'residencies'. Residencies are where the musicians play routinely at a place and as a result it is a running agreement and costs the location less. Our charges for residencies start at 110 each week for 2 hours playing including rest breaks, and 250 for a 3 hour with breaks one off performance by a musician.

All artists ought to have PLI certificates available; it passes on the threat to them. If it has not been tested, you have every right to refuse to let them use the equipment for health and safety factors.

The musicians must be fed and offered soft drinks. Carrying out is tiring and if they have actually been reserved for 3 hours with breaks, they will have been at the location establishing ahead of time. They will be hungry and will carry out much better!

The musicians need to belong to your team rather than 'Stars or Divas'. I would constantly recommend you talk to musicians and audition them to see if you proceed with them. Don't tolerate 'mindset'; it will only worsen! You are going to be busy serving customers and you do not need a demanding artist: he has to do his job and you yours! If you are utilizing a company or music management company, ask to discover musicians that are most ideal for your venue. The benefit of an agency is that if a musician is ill, it is their task to discover a replacement - even at short notice.

Constantly have an agreement or something in composing to secure yourself versus any problems. The ISM or MU might advise you on the phrasing, or if you use a firm, they will prepare one for you.

If the artist has their own CD or marketing material: use it to create interest. You could have it playing in the background preceding a musician's appearance and you might sell it.

Use either a one off performance or residency as a marketing and promotion tool. Include it in your blog; have it listed in local event journals; see if it might be discussed in the local press or radio.

If you are trying a new menu, or have actually recently used a brand-new chef, try to integrate this with a live musical performance. It will create a great deal of interest and promotion and ideally more customized.